The 3 Types Of Auto Glass That You Can Use

If you are going to get your windshields replaced, you had better know the different types of auto glass that you can buy. Each different type of auto glass will have different features, windshield replacement costs, and other differences too. These three main auto glass types that you can buy are the aftermarket glass, dealer glass, and original manufacturer glass.

Aftermarket glass

Also called original equipment equivalent, these types of aftermarket auto glass are made by third party companies. These companies usually construct auto glass according to the specifications of the original manufacturer, so you can get a pretty close auto glass experience when you buy aftermarket glass.

Aftermarket glass is also cheaper than the original manufacturer, so you can save a bit more money if you use it. And since it is made according to same specifications, you can be assured that this type of glass will perform the same as original manufacturer auto glass.

While cheaper, it will still have the same features as your original car’s glass. It will have the same thickness and also be made out of the same material.

If you want to save some money when you have your windshields replaced, you should use aftermarket glass instead. It is much cheaper than original manufacturer glass, but will also usually have the same kind of features and be of the same thickness too.

Dealer glass

Technically speaking, this type of glass is exactly the same as original manufacturer glass. The only difference being it comes directly from the dealership, where you bought your car. Since this glass is bought by your dealership directly from the car manufacturer, it will be the same price as original manufacturer glass, or sometimes even more because the car dealership may mark up their prices.

chippicDespite being more expensive, it is usually easier to get an auto glass from your dealer, because they will handle everything for you, from the labour to the ordering of the glass. So there is not that much hassle if you choose to buy your auto glass from your car dealership.

Original manufacturer glass

This type of glass is also called original equipment glass. You can buy it directly from your car’s manufacturer. Your car’s manufacturer will have this type of windshield available in stock because they will be the ones who are directly manufacturing it. And you can also be assured of quality and fit because it comes directly and is made by your car’s manufacturer.

You will have to pay a premium price for original manufacturer glass though. This type of glass is the most expensive option that you can get. And for the price you pay, you will get a top quality auto glass. You should get this kind of glass if you have a high-end car and only want the top notch original glass from your car’s original manufacturer.

Depending on the type of auto glass that you buy, you will pay a different price. Ask a professional windshield technician to see which type of glass will be better suited for your budget or car.