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The 3 Types Of Auto Glass That You Can Use

If you are going to get your windshields replaced, you had better know the different types of auto glass that you can buy. Each different type of auto glass will have different features, windshield replacement costs, and other differences too. These three main auto glass types that you can buy are the aftermarket glass, dealer glass, and original manufacturer glass.

Aftermarket glass

Also called original equipment equivalent, these types of aftermarket auto glass are made by third party companies. These companies usually construct auto glass according to the specifications of the original manufacturer, so you can get a pretty close auto glass experience when you buy aftermarket glass.

Aftermarket glass is also cheaper than the original manufacturer, so you can save a bit more money if you use it. And since it is made according to same specifications, you can be assured that this type of glass will perform the same as original manufacturer auto glass.

While cheaper, it will still have the same features as your original car’s glass. It will have the same thickness and also be made out of the same material.

If you want to save some money when you have your windshields replaced, you should use aftermarket glass instead. It is much cheaper than original manufacturer glass, but will also usually have the same kind of features and be of the same thickness too.

Dealer glass

Technically speaking, this type of glass is exactly the same as original manufacturer glass. The only difference being it comes directly from the dealership, where you bought your car. Since this glass is bought by your dealership directly from the car manufacturer, it will be the same price as original manufacturer glass, or sometimes even more because the car dealership may mark up their prices.

chippicDespite being more expensive, it is usually easier to get an auto glass from your dealer, because they will handle everything for you, from the labour to the ordering of the glass. So there is not that much hassle if you choose to buy your auto glass from your car dealership.

Original manufacturer glass

This type of glass is also called original equipment glass. You can buy it directly from your car’s manufacturer. Your car’s manufacturer will have this type of windshield available in stock because they will be the ones who are directly manufacturing it. And you can also be assured of quality and fit because it comes directly and is made by your car’s manufacturer.

You will have to pay a premium price for original manufacturer glass though. This type of glass is the most expensive option that you can get. And for the price you pay, you will get a top quality auto glass. You should get this kind of glass if you have a high-end car and only want the top notch original glass from your car’s original manufacturer.

Depending on the type of auto glass that you buy, you will pay a different price. Ask a professional windshield technician to see which type of glass will be better suited for your budget or car.



7 Tips To Help You Keep Your Car’s Windows And Windshields Spotless

Cleaning your windshield is an important part of windshield maintenance. If you keep your windshield or windows free from dirt, then you keep them in better condition. During auto glass repair, your windows or windshields will have to be clean in order to ensure that dirt does not affect the repair job. Keeping your car’s glass free from dirt also keeps it in better condition, and makes your car look more attractive too.chip-to-crack

But have you ever cleaned your car’s windows and windshields only to have them look dirty again because of streaks? And have you ever had trouble cleaning your windows or windshields because of an especially stubborn stain? If you have any problems cleaning your car’s windows or windshields, here are a few tips that can help you better clean your car’s glass.

Use a specialised window cleaner

Glass cleaners, which are specially formulated for car windows, should be used. If you want to keep your windows streak and dirt free, a glass cleaning window solution can keep your window nice and clean. A glass cleaner will also be gentle on your car’s windows and windshields, so there will not be any damage at all.

Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals with ammonia

Cleaning chemicals, that contain ammonia, can dry out the plastics of your car. These types of chemical cleaners could damage the rubber around your windows and windshields. And these chemicals can also damage the protective coating of your windshields, which could make your windshields deteriorate. You should only use special glass cleaners or mild soaps to clean your car’s glass.

Use different strokes for cleaning your windshield

You should use different cleaning stroke directions when you are cleaning your car, both from the inside and outside. If you do this, then you can reduce the number of streaks that will appear on your windshield or windows, after you have cleaned them.

Microfiber cloths are handy

rock-chip-repair-orange-countyKeep microfiber cloths around when you are cleaning your car. These types of cloths will be able to get rid of some of the tougher spots and stains on your windshield or window. Microfiber cloths are especially effective at getting rid of any dirt that could be sticking onto your windshield or windows.

Dry your windows after cleaning them

If you do not dry your windows after you clean them, water-stains could appear on them. You should properly dry your windows each time that they are cleaned with soap. This is because any leftover moisture could leave behind streaks of water-stains. You should wipe your windows with a dry cloth after cleaning them.

Clean dirt build-up on your windshield wipers

Dirt can be spread around on your windshield by your wiper blades. You should clean these wipers regularly in order to ensure that each time you turn your wipers on, your windshield will stay clean. You should keep your wipers clean and dirt free if you want to keep your windshields look clear.

Following these tips can help you keep your windows and windshields streak and dirt free.

Repair Or Replace: Getting To Know Which Step To Take With Your Windshield

slideshow-template_short1Deciding on whether or not you need to either completely replace your car’s windshield, or just have it repaired, can be an important decision to make. If you have your car’s windshield just retired, you can save a lot of money. You will be spending a lot more if you have your windshield completely replaced. So you should come to the right decision if you want to save some money on your windshield.

If your windshield has a chip or crack, then you definitely need to have it repaired or replaced. Chips or cracks on your windshield can come from high-velocity debris hitting it. Over time that one chip or small crack can get larger and weaken your whole windshield. So you should definitely get it either repaired or have your windshield replaced if you see any chips or cracks. The earlier it is fixed, the better, and the safer you will be when you are driving.

Generally, the smaller sized chips or cracks can easily be replaced. Any chip that is smaller than a dime, is easily fixed through a lot of simple methods. These repairs for small windshield chips are cheap and quick, so there will be not a lot of labour or time that will be put into repairing these. Some of these repairs can even be easily done by you, personally. But for larger and more complicated chips or cracks, you may want to hire a professional repair technician.

Professional repair technicians will have the necessary tools and the latest technologies to repair more complex chips or cracks. While you will have to pay for the services of this professional, you are saving more in the long run because you are going to repair your windshield, and you will not have to pay a lot to get it fully replaced.

Depending on where the crack or chips are located, you will either have to replace or repair your windshield. If a crack or chip is located in the direct line of sight of the driver, then a windshield has to be replaced. This is because a repair job may not give the area, where the chip or crack was, the same clarity as it used to have. A repair job on a specific area of the windshield could reduce the visibility of the windshield, so for safety’s sake, it is better to have a windshield totally replaced.

shutterstock_99864371One way that you can accurately get some good advice on your car’s windshield is by asking a professional auto glass company. With their expert advice and knowledge, they will be able to tell you what the better step to take is. They can take a look at your windshield and see whether or not it can be repaired. They can also tell you if your windshield needs to be completely replaced or not.

Another advantage if you go with a professional auto glass company is the fact that these companies can also sell you a new windshield and perform the labour needed to have it installed. Most professional auto glass companies will also perform some simple repair services for you. So if you either need to get your car’s glass repaired or replaced, a professional company can do either service for you.

Hopefully, this article will have helped you come to the right decision. Deciding on whether or not you should have your car’s windshield repaired or replaced is not an easy decision, so you should consider all of the factors listed here before you decide to repair or replace your windshield. Windshield repair should be taken seriously and be done promptly.


Windshield Repairs: How It’s Done

Have you ever gone to an auto glass company and gotten a windshield repair done?  Have you ever wondered how it is done? You are not the only one. Maybe if you know how the windshield repair is done, you could do it yourself. So maybe it is a good idea to learn about how a windshield repair is done.

First of all, why is the windshield repair done at all? It is actually very important to get a damaged windshield replaced, no matter how small the chip or crack on it is. Windshield repairs are always urgent because the safety of the driver could be affected by their visibility through their windshield, and a damaged windshield could reduce the driver’s visibility of the road.

If a chip or crack is left unrepaired for too long, the problem could get worse, and the chip or crack may not be able to be easily repaired in the future. So if you want to avoid paying a costly fee for windshield replacement, you should get your windshield repaired as early as possible.

Before your windshield is even repaired, you have to find someone to do it. You should hire the services of a professional windshield repair technician or an auto glass company. These people will have the services that you require, and they will also have the skills and background in order to repair your windshield.

When you have hired and consulted with a professional, they can finally get to work on repairing your windshield.

The windshield repair technician will usually inspect your windshield first before proceeding. The repair technician will have to determine whether or not your windshield’s damage can be repaired or not; the earlier that you bring it in for repairs, the more chances that it will have to be repairable. After determining that it can be repaired, the technician will then select which one is the best method to repair your windshield.

Next, the technician will carefully prepare the area around the crack or chip. They will clean out the area of any debris or dirt. And they will also smooth out anything that is sticking out. They will also carefully dry out the area because moisture could affect the repair materials that they will be using. If any moisture or dirt is stuck in the windshield while it is repaired, there may be a spot on your windshield that looks opaque, which could negatively affect your driving.

Finally, the technician will use a resin material to seal and fill in the chip or crack. This resinous material will harden over time in order to fix your windshield’s crack or chip. This resin is hardened through the use of a powerful ultraviolet light; this also makes the resin become transparent and blend in with the rest of your windshield’s glass. The technician will then smooth out any excess resin in order to ensure that your windshield is nice and smooth.

That is all you need to know about how technicians go about repairing your windshield.

Auto Glass Repair In The Big Apple

A car is a wonderful asset. Most people normally use their cars for transport and so on. Most of them normally drive to work and back home using their own cars. These cars normally make life more convenient and enjoyable. This is the reason why you should ensure that your car is in a good condition. However, cars normally wear out with time. Some of the parts that normally wear out include tires and so on. This is the reason why you should take your car for auto repair. Your car might have a broken window. This can be detrimental. It can actually increase the risk of your car being stolen. In this case, you should take your car to NYC auto glass repair. These people normally have professionals who can work your car windows properly. The following are the reasons why you should hire NYC auto glass auto repair services:

  1. Experts – Everybody likes being served by a professional. When you hire this car window repair service, you can be assured that you will get quality services. These professional normally have the necessary skills, knowledge and competence needed in car window repair. Once you hire their services, you will get quality results.
  2. Experience – The people who normally offer this service have gained huge experience over time. They have been offering car window repair services for many years. This has actually made them to become more competent in this field. This is the reason why you should hire their services.
  3. Offer reliable services – The people who offer this service normally offer reliable services to all their customers. You can always rely on their services. Their aim is to meet their customer’s satisfaction. This is the reason why you should consider hiring their service.
  4. Prevent theft – Once one of your car windows is broken, burglars can actually take advantage of this situation. They might get in and eventually steal your car. This can be detrimental. This is the reason why you should take your car for this repair so that your car windows can be replaced. This will go a long way in optimizing the security of your car.
  5. Increases the value of your car – Cars normally depreciate with time. Buyers are normally very keen when buying second hand cars. Some of the things they normally look at are the windows. If the windows are not functioning properly. He or she might leave your car. If one of the windows is broken, he or she might also leave your car. However, when you take your car for car window repair, its value is likely to increase. This is because it is likely to have functional windows and so on. This means that you can actually sell your car at a profit.
  6. Prevent accidents – If one of your car side mirrors is broken, you might not be in a position to have a better rear view of an approaching car. It might also be difficult for you to reverse and so on. This can actually lead to accidents. Remember that some accidents are even fatal. To mitigate this, you should consider taking your car for this repair. The mirrors of your side mirrors can be replaced with new ones.
  7. Enables you to drive properly – It is very difficult for you to drive when your windscreen is broken. You might also not be in a position to see the road properly. It might also be very difficult for you to drive when it is raining. This is the reason why you should take your car for this repair. If your windscreen is broken, it can be replaced with a new one. This can go a long way in ensuring that you remain comfortable while driving your car.
  8. More convenient – The people who offer this service normally repair car windows fast. Once you hire their services, your car will get new windows in a short period of time. This is the reason why you should hire their services.
  9. Well equipped – You might not have all the tools and equipment needed in repairing car windows. However, the people who offer this service have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to get the job well done.

If you have a car that has broken windows, NYC auto glass repair is the ultimate solution for you. Hire their services and you will enjoy the benefits.

A Guide On How To Keep Your Windshield Scratch-free

Have you noticed tiny scratches on your windshield? Or are you worried that your windshield might get scratched? If you are, there is no need to be anxious; there are a few things you can do to keep your windshield scratch free. Leaving a scratch, on your windshield, alone is a bad idea. That scratch could get worse over time, and as it gets worse you may need to get a windshield replacement because of it. If you want to save money and keep your windshield scratch-free, you should follow these tips.

Steps you can take to reduce the risk of your windshield scratching

  1. Use wipers only when it is raining

roswell-auto-glass-repair-840x240Turning on your wipers when your windshield is dry, can cause your wiper blades to scratch on your windshield.

  1. Keep your windshield and its wipers clean

Dirt on your windshield and wiper blades can scratch the surface of your glass. To prevent dirt from scratching your car’s windshield, you should regularly clean your car’s wipers and windshield.

  1. Change your old wiper blades out for new ones

The rubber padding on wiper blades can wear out over time. This will expose the hard portions of your wiper blades onto your windshield. These hard parts of the blades can scratch your windshield. So you should replace old wiper blades.

  1. Fill your washer tank with water

If you plan to use your wiper blades often, you should fill in the windshield wash tank with water. Keep this washer tank full in order to ensure that you always have water you can squirt on your windshield.

Sometimes, you may already have scratches on your windshield. You can follow these quick tips if you want to get rid of those scratches. If you do already have scratches on your windshield, then you may want to follow these tips on how to remove some minor or superficial scratches on your windshield.

  1. Use an acrylic scratch remover

rv-windshield-glass-is-costly-by-scott-woods-fehrThis type of chemical will usually come in liquid form. It is really easy to use, because all that you have to do is to pour the scratch remover on your windshield. When it dries, it will cover the area of the scratch and will make it disappear. This will only remove the most superficial of scratches though.

  1. Buff the area of the scratch

For slightly deeper scratches on your windshield, you can buff out the area, to remove the scratch. You can usually use a metal polish chemical, such as cerium oxide, and mix it with water. After you have gotten a thick enough paste of cerium oxide, you can use a rubber polishing wheel to buff out the area of the scratch.

For larger scratches, you may want to look into windshield repair. Any scratch that is deep or more than 12 inches long, has to be taken care of immediately. And if you have large scratches on your windshield, you should have it repaired by a windshield repair technician.

The tips on this post will help prevent any new or small scratches from showing on your car’s windshield. And you can also follow the other tips.

6 Tips You Can Follow To Maintain Your Car’s Glass

Your windshield and car windows are really important parts of your vehicle. These pieces of auto glass are the barrier to the outside of the car, so they keep you protected from whatever is outside, as you drive your car. Your windshield also lets you see outside onto the road. It is important that you keep your windshield and car windows clean and well-maintained. If you want your car to keep looking nice, and if you want your windows and windshield to be in a good condition, you can follow these maintenance tips.

  1. Regularly wipe down your windshield

You should have your windshield clean often to keep it from dirt and debris. Your windshield should have 100% visibility and should be clear at all times. This is a very simple thing to do, as you can wipe down your windshield at gas stations. Keeping your windshield clean is a really easy step to take and you can do it pretty quickly too.

  1. Have small chips or cracks repaired right away

Every time you see a crack or chip on your windshield, you should get it repaired right away. These repairs are urgent because small damages to your windshield can get worse over time, so you should take care of any problem early.

Take a look at your windshield repair options, and see which ones are best for your windshield. Small cracks and chips on your windshield can easily be repaired. And can sometimes even be done personally by you, allowing you to save more money.

  1. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning agents on your windows

Ammonia-based cleaning agents can damage your windshield and car windows. This happens because ammonia-based cleaning products are extremely harsh and could dry out the plastics and rubber of your car. Your rubber components and plastic protections on your windows, doors, and windshields will dry out and peel off. Stick to using specialised car cleaning fluids.

  1. Close your car’s doors gently

If you slam your car’s doors too hard, you can risk damaging them. This is because the vibrations on your car’s doors, when you close them too hard, can damage the integrity of your car windows. You should close your car doors gently, if you want to avoid damaging your windows.


  1. Clean up the dirt build-up on your wipers.

Dirt can build up overtime on your windshield wipers. And when you turn your windshield wipers on, you can damage your windshield because the dirt can scratch the glass of your car. You can prevent this from happening if you regularly clean your windshield. Clean your windshield by wiping down your wipers with a cloth and mild cleaning soap.

  1. Do not park your car outside if it is too hot or too cold

Extreme temperatures can damage the glass of your car, so you should avoid parking your car in direct sunlight or during cold winters. Cold temperatures can make the glass of your car brittle, while hot temperatures can cause the plastic layer of your windshield to melt.banner_auto