7 Tips To Help You Keep Your Car’s Windows And Windshields Spotless

Cleaning your windshield is an important part of windshield maintenance. If you keep your windshield or windows free from dirt, then you keep them in better condition. During auto glass repair, your windows or windshields will have to be clean in order to ensure that dirt does not affect the repair job. Keeping your car’s glass free from dirt also keeps it in better condition, and makes your car look more attractive too.chip-to-crack

But have you ever cleaned your car’s windows and windshields only to have them look dirty again because of streaks? And have you ever had trouble cleaning your windows or windshields because of an especially stubborn stain? If you have any problems cleaning your car’s windows or windshields, here are a few tips that can help you better clean your car’s glass.

Use a specialised window cleaner

Glass cleaners, which are specially formulated for car windows, should be used. If you want to keep your windows streak and dirt free, a glass cleaning window solution can keep your window nice and clean. A glass cleaner will also be gentle on your car’s windows and windshields, so there will not be any damage at all.

Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals with ammonia

Cleaning chemicals, that contain ammonia, can dry out the plastics of your car. These types of chemical cleaners could damage the rubber around your windows and windshields. And these chemicals can also damage the protective coating of your windshields, which could make your windshields deteriorate. You should only use special glass cleaners or mild soaps to clean your car’s glass.

Use different strokes for cleaning your windshield

You should use different cleaning stroke directions when you are cleaning your car, both from the inside and outside. If you do this, then you can reduce the number of streaks that will appear on your windshield or windows, after you have cleaned them.

Microfiber cloths are handy

rock-chip-repair-orange-countyKeep microfiber cloths around when you are cleaning your car. These types of cloths will be able to get rid of some of the tougher spots and stains on your windshield or window. Microfiber cloths are especially effective at getting rid of any dirt that could be sticking onto your windshield or windows.

Dry your windows after cleaning them

If you do not dry your windows after you clean them, water-stains could appear on them. You should properly dry your windows each time that they are cleaned with soap. This is because any leftover moisture could leave behind streaks of water-stains. You should wipe your windows with a dry cloth after cleaning them.

Clean dirt build-up on your windshield wipers

Dirt can be spread around on your windshield by your wiper blades. You should clean these wipers regularly in order to ensure that each time you turn your wipers on, your windshield will stay clean. You should keep your wipers clean and dirt free if you want to keep your windshields look clear.

Following these tips can help you keep your windows and windshields streak and dirt free.