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A Guide On How To Keep Your Windshield Scratch-free

Have you noticed tiny scratches on your windshield? Or are you worried that your windshield might get scratched? If you are, there is no need to be anxious; there are a few things you can do to keep your windshield scratch free. Leaving a scratch, on your windshield, alone is a bad idea. That scratch could get worse over time, and as it gets worse you may need to get a windshield replacement because of it. If you want to save money and keep your windshield scratch-free, you should follow these tips.

Steps you can take to reduce the risk of your windshield scratching

  1. Use wipers only when it is raining

roswell-auto-glass-repair-840x240Turning on your wipers when your windshield is dry, can cause your wiper blades to scratch on your windshield.

  1. Keep your windshield and its wipers clean

Dirt on your windshield and wiper blades can scratch the surface of your glass. To prevent dirt from scratching your car’s windshield, you should regularly clean your car’s wipers and windshield.

  1. Change your old wiper blades out for new ones

The rubber padding on wiper blades can wear out over time. This will expose the hard portions of your wiper blades onto your windshield. These hard parts of the blades can scratch your windshield. So you should replace old wiper blades.

  1. Fill your washer tank with water

If you plan to use your wiper blades often, you should fill in the windshield wash tank with water. Keep this washer tank full in order to ensure that you always have water you can squirt on your windshield.

Sometimes, you may already have scratches on your windshield. You can follow these quick tips if you want to get rid of those scratches. If you do already have scratches on your windshield, then you may want to follow these tips on how to remove some minor or superficial scratches on your windshield.

  1. Use an acrylic scratch remover

rv-windshield-glass-is-costly-by-scott-woods-fehrThis type of chemical will usually come in liquid form. It is really easy to use, because all that you have to do is to pour the scratch remover on your windshield. When it dries, it will cover the area of the scratch and will make it disappear. This will only remove the most superficial of scratches though.

  1. Buff the area of the scratch

For slightly deeper scratches on your windshield, you can buff out the area, to remove the scratch. You can usually use a metal polish chemical, such as cerium oxide, and mix it with water. After you have gotten a thick enough paste of cerium oxide, you can use a rubber polishing wheel to buff out the area of the scratch.

For larger scratches, you may want to look into windshield repair. Any scratch that is deep or more than 12 inches long, has to be taken care of immediately. And if you have large scratches on your windshield, you should have it repaired by a windshield repair technician.

The tips on this post will help prevent any new or small scratches from showing on your car’s windshield. And you can also follow the other tips.